Norvergence is a movement that inspires people across all the ages to contribute towards a greener society.  
The team Norvergence constitutes of environmentalists who work with governments, schools, NGOs, religious groups in an order to conserve natural resources.

Aims and Objectives of Norvergence are:

  • To spread awareness about environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, melting of ice, etc.
  • To publish books, journals, articles, newsletters, etc, to promote scientific methodologies in matters related to the environment.
  • To create energy management programs flexible so that every organization can adopt it easily.
  • If necessary, acts as a mediator between indigenous people and government for the smooth communication process.
  • To motivate people to take actions and achieve measurable goals.
  • To conserve biodiversity and to focus on the recovery of the ecosystem, material recycling, and human health.
  • To eliminate all types of social, ethnic, gender, regional, and economic inequality.